Hurricane Policy at Cobb’s Marina
June 1, 2018Phill Uncategorizedhurricane-92968_1280
If a hurricane threatens the Hampton Roads area, most authorities agree that a boat is safer out of the water. With that in mind we would like you to be aware of what we have learned from over 50 years of hurricane preparedness.

During this time our crew is working hard to protect your boat and our docks. We do not have extra time to secure your boat. You are 100% responsible to make arrangements to haul your boat. You must make arrangements with the boatyard for a time for you to bring your boat to the travel lift area. Please be aware that our space fills rapidly and we will not be able to haul everyone. Since we do operate on a first come first serve basis it is in your best interests to act rather than wait.

If you chose not to haul you are responsible for securing your vessel properly in the slip and prepping your boat for high winds and tides. Make sure batteries are fully charged in case of loss of power. If you have questions we are here to help.

Due to time constraints, we do not power wash at the time of haul out. This is not the time to plan to do work just because the boat is out.

Once hauled, you should reduce windage by removing sails, biminis, dodgers, canvas, curtains, and secure anything on deck. Remove dinghies from davits and lash to deck or take home. Clear all drains and scuppers.

Confirm that bilge pumps are working and remove hull drain plugs. Do NOT tie tarps, ladders, or anything else to boat stands. Our staff blocks all boats to ABYC standards which has proven to be the safest possible way to store boats.

Due to space restraints and work already booked in the yard prior to a hurricane event we ask that you be prepared to launch as soon as the danger has passed. We launch last hauled first so please make arrangements to move your boat from the haul out dock in a timely manner so you do not block the launch of another boat.

We are hoping for a hurricane free season, and preparing to have things run smoothly if we find ourselves in the path is a joint effort. Thank you for working with us to make this happen.