13 Years as a Virginia Clean Marina
April 14, 2018

W.W. Cobb JR. signed the Virginia Clean Marina pledge on Jan 28,2005. Since then, Cobb’s Marina has voluntarily adopted environmentally sound operating procedures and maintenance practices. We’re doing our part to protect the Chesapeake Bay and by choosing Cobb’s Marina, our customers are also helping to keep Virginia’s waterways clean.

Being part of the Clean Marina Program means we take a proactive approach to environmental stewardship. Our facility operates with a set of environmental Best Management Practices (BMP) designed to protect our waterways. One great example is the implementation of dustless sanders. This year all of our in house bottom sanding has been done with a vacuum system that collects the sanding dust. The dust is disposed of in proper bins. We gear our activities in a way that does not compromise water quality and hope you will join us in our efforts for all to keep enjoying the bay.