Ramp To Close 12/31/12

With the close of 2012, we will say good bye to our small boat ramp, ending a 54 year tradition of serving the Hampton Roads fisherman. This was not an easy decision for us to make. Since opening in 1958 we have come to know many people who use the ramp for pleasure boating. The ramp has been a big part of what Cobb’s Marina is for over a decade. But all things change.

In the spring of 2012, the US Navy told us they were going to re new their ramp. With the planning came the discovery that our ramp crossed the property line and we were forced to make some changes.

The ramp will remain open through 12-31-12 allowing public access for some fine Striper fishing at the CBBT.

To all those who have patronized the ramp for many years, we truly appreciate your loyalty.

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